Mount Carroll
Chamber of Commerce

800-244-9594 (extension 1)

Our Mission and Purpose

In partnership with businesses, tourism and government, we strive to further promote economic growth and the quality of life in Mt. Carroll. We need your support to continue our mission.

The Chamber hosts a variety of events that encourage tourism, which spur economic growth and promote the quality of life found in our great community (and some tourists even become residents!).

The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the creation, printing and distribution of the Business Directory and the Calendar of Events (and we’re working on a new tourism brochure). These pieces, along with a variety of other brochures, are distributed all over the county. New Welcome folders, which include Chamber Bucks*, promote and stimulate Chamber businesses These folders are provided to realtors and City Hall for distribution to new residents.

Websites are the best means of information for tourism, as well as information about where to start a new business or find a new home. We realize that new tourists, business owners and residents are only a click away. This website allows businesses and organizations the opportunity to reach out to one another and learn more about supporting our local community together.

We take our purpose and mission very seriously. Come join us at our monthly meetings, where you will make new friends, learn new ideas and garner vast experience from a myriad of residents and business owners. TOGETHER we can further promote economic growth and quality of life in this great community.

Meet our Board Members:

Bob Hatheway (President)
Shaw's Food Pride
Larry DeSpain (Vice-President)
Hotel Glenview
Sibyl Doty (Treasurer)
THE National Bank
Catherine Pokropinski (Secretary)
Amy Sack (3 Year Board Member) Kim Riley (2 year Board Member)
Mary Kernan (2 Year Board Member)
New Morning Glass
Anna Gray (1 Year Board Member)
Good Samaritan Society
Diane Bausman (1 Year Board Member)
Blackhawk Waterways CVB
Carol Frey (1 Year Board Member)
Land of Oz
John Pokropinski
(1 Year Board Member)
Laura Miller-DeSpain (Marketing
Coordinator & Past President
dabluz boutique
Nancy Tobin (Telephone)  

We have newsletters available for your reading pleasure here.