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Shank's® Veterinary Equipment Inc. History


Shank’s Machine Co., Inc. was founded in 1957 in Sterling, Illinois by Eldon Shank.   The company began by manufacturing one simple style table, the Shank's® Douglas Tiltmaster Table.  In 1985, the company was sold by Eldon Shank to his son, Carl Shank, and the company officially changed its name to Shank's® Veterinary Equipment, Inc.   Four years later, Carl Shank sold the company to an existing company employee and his son -  Alvin Dettman and Mark Dettman.    The two new owners moved the company approximately 15 miles north to its present location in Milledgeville, Illinois.  Alvin Dettman retired in 1996, and the company continues to be owned and operated by Mark Dettman.   Under the direction of the current owner, the company has strived to offer new equipment to keep up with the ever changing demands of the large animal veterinary practitioner.   As the business has grown, the company outgrew its existing facility; and in 2004 the company moved into a new 18,400 square foot production facility that was designed to accommodate its specialized production process.


The company's primary focus continues to be the design and production of large animal surgery tables.   It continues to produce varying models of the Shank's® Floor Model Table; and Shank's® Dorsal/Lateral Table. 

The company also offers a specialized cattle chute that can be used for both minor and major surgery procedures.  The Shank’s® B.P. 360° Rotary Livestock Containment Chute takes the features of an elaborate cattle chute, and places it within large channel iron rings that allow the Chute to roll a full 360°.  This piece of equipment is covered by US Patent No. 4567854.

The most recent addition to the company's line of specialized equipment is a Shank's® Large Animal MRI Table.  This table is completely stainless steel in fabrication and provides for lift and movement via pneumatics, making it capable of functioning within the magnetic field of the MRI machine. 

The company continues to offer fabrication of other custom tables and equipment of all types and sizes. Shank's® is proud to be able to make the statment that all of its tables are MADE IN THE USA.


Shank's Veterinary Equipment, Inc. has sold and/or installed equipment in over 20 countries and in over 110 U.S. and international universities and zoological facilities.


Shank's Veterinary Equipment, Inc. is dedicated to producing high quality, user-friendly and versatile surgery tables for the large animal veterinarian.  The company takes pride in the fact that it has been building surgery tables since 1957.  It strives to both embrace this history, and to use this experience to continue to look to the future for new and innovative ideas.


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