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Shank's® Veterinary Equipment Inc. is dedicated to producing high-quality, user-friendly and versatile surgery tables for the large animal veterinarian. We continue to meet this need and expand upon it by constantly improving upon on our existing table designs and offering other tables and related equipment to meet the changing needs of the large animal veterinary practitioner. We are a small privately owned company and feel that due to our size, we have the ability to work with our customers on a very personal level. In addition we can also offer customization of our products without incurring larger overhead expenses as with large companies.

Our surgery tables provide the user with a safe and easy means of carrying out surgery on a sedated large animal. This in turn allows the user to be more efficient in managing their time, which is the key asset a veterinarian has to offer in the practice of veterinary medicine.

We have sold and/or installed equipment in over 20 countries and in over 110 U.S. and international universities and zoological facilities.



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